About Us

Contra Costa Cardiology Medical Group Inc. has been serving the cardiovascular needs of Contra Costa and surrounding counties for over 20 years. Although our practice has grown substantially since that time, adding more physicians and services, our number one priority and reason for existence remain the same: taking care of you, our patients.

We are experts in the following specialities:

Interventional Cardiology
The diagnosis and treatment of coronary and peripheral arterial disease. We perform heart catheterizations, balloon angioplasties, placement of stents and other interventional procedures of the heart, extremities, and major organs.

The diagnosis and treatment of heart rhythm irregularities. We perform tilt table testing, EP studies, ablation procedures, pacemaker implants, and defibrillator implants.

Cardiac Imaging
The diagnosis of coronary and peripheral vascular disease. We perform nuclear stress tests, EKG stress tests, and stress and resting echocardiograms. We also perform tests specific to vascular disease: carotid arterial, renal arterial and extremity arterial studies.

Peripheral Vascular Disease
The diagnosis and treatment of circulation problems in all of the arteries of the extremities and major body organs.

Congestive Heart Failure
Cardiac care and treatment for patients likely to develop heart disease. The goal of this practice specialty is to institute therapy to patients who have standard heart failure risk factors before symptoms appear. Our congestive heart failure physicians work with primary care physicians to track heart patients and assist in managing the heart failure clinic at Mt Diablo Medical Center